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A free-roaming RPG loosely drawing inspiration from Nintendo's Pokémon games, Evowok Breeder features a vast and dangerous world to explore, filled with hundreds of breeds of evowok to catch and tame, and thousands of characters to encounter along the way as you embark upon your quest to achieve fortune and fame as an aspiring evowok breeder...

But beware! Evowok are dangerous animals; not only to each other, but to the humans who risk life and limb to capture them, train them, and pit them against each other in mortal combat for the bloodthirsty entertainment of the baying crowds.

Based on an earlier project written and briefly released for MS-DOS back in the year 2000, Evowok Breeder has spanned several incarnations, and was finally released in its current form in 2017, with help and support from many helpful friends and collaborators.

For those curious, a full detailed changelog of the game's updates is available here, and forums can be found here to discuss the game or seek help, hints and tips.

More information

Published34 days ago
Release date34 days ago
AuthorRjB Software
GenreRole Playing
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


EvowokBreeder_Installer.exe (v4.0.10) (21 MB)

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